Bakery & Special Orders

Bakes And Cakes For All - (GF) Special Order Bakery

Brewnuts - (FF, Alc) - Ohio City (Detroit Shoreway)

The Cleveland Bagel Co. - Ohio City/Midtown

Cleveland Vegan - (GF) 100% Vegan Catering

FREEBIRD by Little Red Bird Custom Cookies - Special Order Bakery w/ Pop Ups

Morning Owl Coffee Bar - (FF, GF, Alc) Parma

Philomena Bake Shop - available at a variety of locations

Raw Sugar Eats - vegan and vegan/GF baked goods

Rosemary's Vegan Daughter - Vegan meatloaf, cookies, breads and cakes

Sugar Rush Vegan Bakery - (GF) 100% Vegan Special Order Bakery w/ Pop Ups

Sweet Visions Vegan Bakery - all vegan bakery

Whole Foods Market Prepared Foods - (GF) - Special Order Bakery

Zippy Cook - Artisan vegan candy made from organic coconut